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Ventilation & Extraction

Ventilation & Extraction

Reaching a correct ventilation is crucial for the wellbeing and security of our clients. Because of this, WARM puts at your disposal the best professionals, that will study and examine which ventilation system is the one that best adapts to your needs.

At the time, there are two systems in the market that accomplish to preserve said conditions. These are: Dilution Ventilation, and Localized Extraction.

Dilution Ventilation

This process is based on mixing the contaminated air with clean air. This way, it manages to control the levels of toxicity.

It’s important to have a series of details in mind when installing this type of equipment, such as: the adequate placing of the impulsion and extraction systems, controlling that the contaminated air doesn’t recycle and monitor that both the air entrances and exits are compensated, among others.

Localized Extraction

This system locates the place where the contaminating agent is released and avoids it from spreading through the environment. This means, acts and attacks the origin of the contaminating agent directly.

Para conseguir un mayor rendimiento se debe alcanzar una velocidad de captación y transporte adecuada, compensar las salidas de aire y diseñar de manera apropiada los conductos, codos, etc. Es importante conseguir que el aire contaminado no recircule.
To achieve a better performance, it must reach an adequate capture and transport speeds, compensate the air exits and appropriately design the conducts, junctions, etc. It’s important to get the contaminated air not to recycle.

What is ventilation important for?

The purpose of ventilation is to keep the temperature condition, air renovation, and impurity levels within the established limits, as to preserve the workers’ health.