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Cooling, Heating, & Pool Temperature Control

Cooling & Refrigeration

We put at your disposal a team of qualified professionals capable of helping you find which cooling or refrigeration system best adapts to your needs. We will study the way to materialize and develop what each client demands.


From Warm, we defend the importance of taking care not only of our clients but also the environment the live in. That’s why we always keep energy savings in mind, and why we work to develop heating systems that look after the environment, such as the CO2 systems.

It’s important to choose the heating system that best adapts to your projects characteristics. Our team of professionals will counsel you through the whole buying process so you can keep the desired temperature through the whole year.

Pool Temperature Control

Take the best out of your pool and enjoy it the whole 365 days of the year. Keeping the water to the desired temperature any day of the year with our temperature control systems has never been this easy.